Submissions Required!

Echolocation needs your best fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and art! We’re looking for the best submission that falls under the orbit of ‘the alien!’ Send us your weird, your odd, and your strange pieces of writing and art, we’ll publish our top submissions, and pay you for your work (if selected).

We have a max of 3000 words for prose (with a two submission maximum), up to five separate poems per poet (or ten pages double-spaced), and ten images per artist. For artists, please indicate in the body of the submission if you wish to be considered for the cover. Please email your submissions to with your submission type in the subject heading, followed by your name ([FICTION] Jane Doe). Text should be in a standard font type (ie. Times New Roman or Cambria/Calibri), and preferably size 12.

Our submission deadline is set at February 15th, so submit early and often!

Echolocation strives to be a literary space open to all intersectional identities. As such, we encourage submissions from local writers who may have experienced forms of marginalization, and seek an alternative space to showcase their work within Toronto’s literary scene. We want to highlight the work of authors belonging to, but not limited within, the LGBTQ+, disabled, minority, survivor, racialized, Indigenous, immigrant, newcomer, and low-income communities. We are making efforts to be a better, more diverse publication, and we welcome equity submissions. By receiving your work, we hope to offer a platform for representation of marginalized groups in their own words, on their own terms.

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