oysters in light of
let there be firmament
in the midst of waters
huddled together
as if bunkers
children notice when
these goat miniatures
go missing from the window
hucksterish others
like to finish
their oysters
with appalling sauces
hold them in
brackish water
pools called



oysters and shrubbery for good cause
and quantum tumble-dry language
Ashbery’s machinery
complicated as the meaningful
hop-scotch practice
five times a day
 ontology edibles
bookmarks arrange
for semi-physical B&Bs
sediments of breezeway
oral seawater filter
caducous, perilous
the oyster’s dream catcher
how those tear shapes mutate
the sub-conscious part
of bigger fabric
grounding feather swaths
an entangled tongue
hamstrings like ribbed kegs
fishing with the right vitamin



positive interruption
of wildflower muffled highways
lovely in a sandpaper way
not sure he decided his garden
peat-enthused whiskey
lily of the valley
tableau wildly
memory on the peak in Banff
whip cream pine trees
intestines of thought
preferring Shavasana
the campsite dissolves its expiry date
Trump’s genital outline
try to get to the orgasm
before your pilot does
kept tongue in glass bowl
she otherwise fed quartz
always baritone
when it came to morning sun
my pants fall down
when I forget
not to sing
beside an inukshuk
you’ll have to be less
with your pillow talk